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9/28/2019 Too Poo or Not to Poo- Bench to Bedside: Features of Hirchsprung, Celiac and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Jessica Davis, MD and Brian Brinkerhoff, MD Surgical Pathology
8/10/2019 Precision Oncology Testing Using Next-Generation Sequencing Brian Piening, PhD Genomics
3/9/2019 Troubling Topics in Transfusion Medicine Mandy VanSandt, DO and Trisha Wong, MD, MS Blood Banking
10/20/2018 Laboratory Errors and Pre-Analytical Variations Veronica I Luzzi, PhD, MS, DABCC, FACB General Laboratory
6/30/2018 Clinical Mass Spectrometry DEMYSTIFIED! Alec Saitman, PhD, DABCC (CC,TC) Special Chemistry
3/10/2018 Hot Topics in Microbiology Kendall Bryant, PhD, D(ABMM) Microbiology
9/23/2017 Next Generation Diagnostics Michael Cascio, MD Hematology
2/11/2017 Obesity is a Growing Problem: Obesity and Uteroplacental Pathology Terry Morgan, MD, PhD General
10/29/2016 Transfusion Medicine Hot Topics YanYun Wu, DD, PhD, Meghan Delaney, Do, MPH Blood Bank
5/7/2016 Three Topics on Coagulation George Fritsma, MS, MLS Coagulation
2/20/2016 Massive Transfusion Martin Schreiber, MD Blood Bank
9/19/2015 “Aliens Probed My Urine!” and Other Amazing Stories from Addiction Medicine Bradley M. Anderson, MD; Kevin F. Foley, PhD Addiction Medicine; Chemistry and Toxicology
6/6/2015 Why No One Listens to the POCC Judith E. Hanley, MT ASCP, AACC SPOCT POCT
1/10/2015 Immunohistochemistry in the Era of Personalized Medicine Megan Troxell, MD, PhD Immunohistochemistry
6/21/2014 The Placenta Can Tell Your Future: “What’s your sign?” Terry Morgan, MD, PhD Obstetrics & Gynecology; Cytopathology
4/27/2013 Molecular   Microbiology Diagnostics: the promised Micro Lab Utopia we’re still waiting for Joseph Hill, MB   (ASCP)cm Microbiology
1/26/2013 Leukemia: True Grit in the War against Cancer Guang Fan, MD, PhD Hematology
11/10/2012 Lab Medicine in the Third World: What testing to do, how to do it, how to interpret it, and   how to prepare for your own trip Kevin F. Foley   PhD, DABCC, MT(ASCP), SC (ASPC)Jeremy Byrd, MD Comprehensive
6/9/2012 It Is Your Problem Now! How to resolve serologic difficulties in the transfusion service Teresa Harris, MT(ASCP)SBBCM CQA, CQIA (ASQ) Blood Bank
1/28/2012 Clinical Laboratory Testing and Cytology: Body Fluids, Salivary and Thyroid Glands Mathew S. Greenberg, MD Hematology,   Cytology
11/19/2011 Hematology   Potpourri Thomas DeLoughery,   MD Hematology,   Coagulation
9/24/2011 Hot Topics in   Microbiology Susan Sharp, PhD Microbiology
4/29/2011 Molecular   Detection C. difficile and Respiratory   Pathogens (Sponsored at ASCLS-WA Spring Seminar) Curt A. Gleaves,   MS F(AAM) Molecular testing
2/12/2011 Vitamin D Testing:   Good Medicine or Better Marketing? Steve Kazmierczak,   PhD, DAB Chemistry
12/4/2010 A Full Circle of   Toxicology Topics: Patient-Testing-Patient Jonathan Wong,   PC-C, MT (ASCP) and Dr Kevin Foley, PhD Toxicology
3/6/2010 Immunohistochemistry   (IHC) in Anatomic Pathology: Practical Uses and Procedures Karen Emanuel, BA,   HT(ASCP) Histology
11/14/2009 Violence in the   WorkplaceMotivating and   Engaging Employees John ReidTory Visser, MSW Comprehensive
9/17/2009 Fungi Can Be Fun:   Just Get to Know Them (Co-sponsored by PALCOE at Oregon Scientific Seminar,   Newport) Davise H. Larone,   PhD Mycology
5/2/2009 The Phlebotomist:   One of the Laboratory’s Key Players Alicia Quigley,   PBT(ASCP) Phlebotomy
4/18/2009 A Contemporary   Overview of Human Chromosome Testing Dr. Peter Jacky,   PhD, FACMGDr. Denise   Quigley, PhD, FACMGDr. Yassmine   Akkari, PhD, FACMG Cytogenetics
11/22/2008 OMG I Killed the   Lab and The Future of Laboratory   Medicine: What it will look like in ten years Richard Scanlon,   MDSteve Kazmierczak,   PhD Comprehensive
9/27/2008 Blood Bank   Antibody Identification Beyond “Everything is ruled out” Kay Elliott,   MT(ASCP),SBB Blood Bank
6/7/2008 Bringing   Urinalysis into the 21st Century: UA Extreme Makeover Claudia Mitchell,   MT(ASCP) Urinalysis
1/19/2008 Clotting and   Bleeding: The Basics, Laboratory Testing and Some Illustrative Cases Lynn Boshkov, MD Coagulation
11/10/2007 Serum Protein   Electrophoresis David Grenache,   PhD Electrophoresis
9/8/2007 Hematopathology:   Tools of the Trade and Their Application in the Diagnosis of Lymphoma Jason Hyde, MD Hematology
5/19/2007 Health Information   Exchanges: From Your Laboratory to the State and Federal Levels Pamela Banning,   MT(ASCP), CLS(NCACLS), PMP (PMI) Information   Systems
3/10/2007 Overview of   Technologies Behind Molecular Diagnostics; The Impact of Molecular Based   Bacterial And Viral Pathogen Detection on Women’s Health Nicole Robinson,   PhD Molecular Testing
11/4/2006 Mistakes in   Transfusion Medicine; Transfusion Reactions Lance Trainor, MD Blood Bank
4/29/2006 Training the   Trainer Carol Enyeart,   MPA, MT(ASCP), Jeff Josifek, MS, CLS(NCA) Comprehensive
2/4/2006 Arterial Blood   Gases: Keeping them Normal, Making them Abnormal Pat Pangburn, RRT,   MS Chemistry
9/24/2005 Plasma Cell   Myeloma: The Old and the New; Laboratory Testing and Targeted Therapy for   Acute and Chronic Leukemia; Clinical Flow Cytometry Update Ken Gatter, MD,   JD; Guang Fan, MD, PhD; James Huang, MD, PhD Hem/Flow
7/9/2005 Therapeutic   Apheresis and Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Lance Trainor, MD Coagulation
5/7/2005 Cell Morphology in   Body Fluids Von Whitney,   MT(ASCP) Body Fluids
2/26/2005 The Staphylococci:   What Are They Up To Now Susan Sharp, PhD Microbiology
11/6/2004 Human Papilloma   Virus and Cervical Carcinoma: Molecular, Epidemiologic and Clinical Issues Anne Rader, MD;   Nisreen Fidda, MD Cytology
6/19/2004 Rural Medicine in   Honduras Beth Blodgett, MD;   Leslie Worthen, MT(ASCP) General Info
4/17/2004 What Do You Do   When Everything is Positive?  Discover ways to recognize and resolve   panagglutinins in the Blood Bank Susan Veneman,   MT(ASCP) SBB Blood Bank
2/7/2004 Facing the Tiger:   Making Conflict Constructive Carolyn S. Shonk,   CLS(NCA), MT(ASCP); Lucy Anderson Management
11/15/2003 CSI Northwest:   Investigate Forensic Pathology Dennis Wickham, MD Forensic Pathology
9/27/2003 Alphabet Soup:   hsCRP, IMA, BNP, etc.  Overview of New Markers of Cardiac Function Steven   Kazmierczak, PhD Chemistry
5/17-18/2003 Peripheral Smears:   The Primary Diagnostic Tool Irma Pereira,   MT(ASCP) SH Hematology
1/25/2003 General Drug   Testing: Traditional and Non Conventional Kent Johnson, BS,   NRCC, RP Toxicology
11/16/2002 Unusual   Immunoassay Results Shirley Welch, PhD Chemistry
4/13/2002 Legal   Considerations in Transfusion Medicine Mick Scanlon, MD Blood Bank
2/23/2002 Abnormal Normals   of the Newborn and the NICU Patient Lee C. Harker, MD Comprehensive
9/22/2001 Bioterrorism, The   Role of the Clinical Laboratory Bob Sokolow Comprehensive